PureDezigner v3.0

PureDezigner.com v3.0 - Screen Capture

This is the past design for my website. PureDezigner v3.0 represents my design launched in July 2008, since then I’ve moved on to a wordpress based site. This will allow to me to hopefully keep recent content on my site. Please take time to check out both sites and let me know what you think? What would improve my UI & UX design? Likes and Dislikes? Thanks in advance!

Skills used: UI design, CSS, xhtml, UX design

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  1. Stephanie Fields says:

    Hi Curtis,

    I love your website redesign. I like the wordpress based site over v3.0. It’s modern and easy to navigate. Well done!

    -Stephanie Fields :)

  2. Walter Pinson says:

    I’ve heard of web sites that leverage WordPress instead of traditional methods. I think this is very cool, Curtis.


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